Volumetric Concrete Mixing

Our customized mobile mixing truck consists of four main compartments for gravel, sand, water and cement dust. Other compartments hold admixtures and fiber.

We can also do custom colors upon request.

Our Services

Small Pours

Our Truck holds enough material to mix up to 6 yards.  However,There is no minimum.  Need 1 yard, get 1 yard. Stop paying extra for unused concrete.

Power Wheelbarrow

Need your concrete placed in a hard to reach spot?  We have a hydraulic dump power wheel barrow available to make the job go smooth. 

Additional Services

Dump Truck Services
Backhoe or Excavator Services
Concrete Repair
Water Drainage Solutions

What are the benefits of Mobile Mixing?

For most Jobs, it is impossible to calculate exactly how much concrete is needed for a pour.  Therefore, usually more concrete is delivered than is really needed.  That results in concrete being delivered that is never used but still paid for.  On some occasions, not enough concrete is ordered and the pour runs short.  Volumetric mixers take the expense out of the guess work of calculating exactly how much concrete will be required. 

Contractors also have jobs where only 1-2 yards of concrete is needed.  Most regular concrete suppliers have a minimum load order, meaning you must batch and pay for a certain amount whether it’s used our not.

The advantage of using Mt. Baker Mobile Mixing is that there is no minimum order.  The concrete does not come premixed.  We mix only what is needed as it is being placed and that is all that is paid for.

  • Stop paying extra for unneeded concrete.
  • Stop having to worry about “hot loads.” (Ready-mix concrete that has begun its hydration process while still in the drum of the mixer truck)
  • Stop being told that your small jobs are unimportant.
  • Stop worrying about running short near the end of a pour.

How it Works

As batch plant and a mixer all in one unit, the volumetric mixer is a breakthrough in concrete ready mix technology.  The truck rolls up with all the ingredients for making concrete in separate containers.  Through careful metering, the  cement dust, sand, gravel and water dispenced into the auger at the rear of the truck.  The materials are then thoroughly mixed in the auger and come out as fresh concrete.  Admixtures, fiber  and color can be added as desired.

Other Service We Offer

How does the conrcete come out correctly?
Each ingredient including cement dust, sand, gravel and water; along with any fiber or concrete additives can be precisely adjusted and metered.
These components are carried via conveyer belt and dropped into the hydraulic auger.
Here, they are evenly mixed until dispensed as fresh, quality concrete.
Hydraulic Wheel Barrow
There is a hydraulic dump power wheel barrow available for rent to help with those hard to reach jobs.
We also offer excavator work, material delivery services and assistance with your site prep.

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